Sunday, April 15, 2018

This is why Cops get the bad rap of militarization...

Full disclosure.

My thinking on police militarization has evolved.  I know that there are bad people out there doing bad things that need to be dealt with by good people that are equipped, trained and fit enough to deal with them.

We've seen it with the few terrorist events we've seen in the US and Europe along with active shooting situations (many people are alarmed by the demonstrations against bad police shoots but I am not).

The point is simple.

Police need to be equipped to deal with bad actors.  Full stop.

Having said that do you see the gear display above?

I consider every piece to have a real world application if we're talking about a SWAT Team or even street level narcotics bubbas.

So why do I say they're doing it wrong?

Because they chose to go multicam or whatever color that is.  Cops are getting a bad rap for militarization because they're following the lead of SOCOM and buying gear that looks like they're about to drop into a foreign country and conduct operations.

Why do you need a desert type camo for urban ops?  If you must have multicam than go with multicam black. But even better would be to go with Sheriff's green or Police blue.

This is a simple thing but simple things mean alot.  If you're a LEO and your dept is about to drop coin for your next set of loadout gear then do yourselves and your dept a favor.  Ask for it in green or blue and leave the overseas combat look for guys doing that work.

Sidenote:  Some will say that they need the camo to blend in when working in rural locations.  I personally have never seen that and even the wildlife LEO's wear the green pants, khaki shirt things (for the most part).

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