Saturday, April 07, 2018

Turk M60A3 Modernization...

Thanks to Info Infantrie for the link!

I guess combat leads to modernization cause the Turks are doing it to the M60A3 in a big way.

I'm looking at the armor package and have to wonder if "shot traps" are still a thing because if they are then this has them in spades.

Still you have to give them credit.  Upgrading the M60 is probably more affordable than doing the same to the Leopards and for the enemy they're currently fighting good enough if not ideal.

Waiting on the new Turk tank to take to the field.  I would have thought a couple would have shown up to strut their stuff in Syria by now.

NOTE!  Why didn't you guys tell me I jacked up the title?  You lost cool my defense though it's been a rough couple of weeks so bear with me...not an excuse but an explanation...

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