Wednesday, April 04, 2018

US Marine Corps suffers third aviation incident in less than 24 hours

via CNN
In the third incident involving Marine Corps aircraft in less than 24 hours, a United States Marines Corps CH-53 helicopter was damaged late Tuesday while landing in the East African country of Djibouti, in the vicinity of Arta Beach, according to a spokesman for the US military.

The aircraft "sustained minor structural damage pending further assessment," US Navy Cdr. Bill Urban, a spokesman for US Naval Forces Central Command, told CNN.
Urban added the helicopter's crew was uninjured in the incident.
Story here. 

You know the deal.

Do I really need to say it?

Marine Aviation is in shit shape.

Why we haven't seen some General somewhere fired (and I'm talking about some bubba in HQMC that talks to the Commandant everyday and has the title of Deputy Commandant for Aviation) for this is beyond me but good people are dying because of a plan that is apparently fucked beyond all recognition.

My advice.

Marine Air needs to take a beat.

They need to go over what they're doing and why and toss what doesn't work, reinforce what does and get everyone to buy in on doing the deed.

Military training is inherently dangerous.  So is aviation, but for the Marine Corps to be suffering this horrific accident rate and the other services seemingly getting it right is more than frustrating.

This shit is borderline criminal.

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