Friday, April 06, 2018

China adds stealth features to it's J-10 fighter...

Thanks to Ronald for the link!

Does it even need to be said anymore?  China is stealing us blind and we still have so called Americans that can't call balls and strikes.

China is a threat to the US and we need to focus on containing/eradicating that threat.

I have never been one to support pre-emptive war.  I've seen it in the recent past and I've been unconvinced of it's necessity.

When it comes to China, my views have evolved.

If we allow them to continue to improve militarily then we will be defeated if we act on their timetable.  We simply don't have the industrial strength to match them because I believe they're looking to combine high tech weaponry with mass production on a scale we can no longer match.

We might fill the skies with technologically superior planes, the plains with better armor and our troops might be lavishly equipped in comparison but if they're close to matching our tech and can add overwhelming numbers we're screwed.

Better to hit them now while we have the advantage than wait when they're ready for the fight.

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