Saturday, April 14, 2018

US show cases JSSAM, French Scalp and UK Storm Shadow missiles in strike on Syria...

Watching the Pentagon briefing on the strike last night and the amount of ordnance that was expended is almost breathtaking.

They used alot of missiles on a few targets.

In other words they destroyed a building, bounced rubble, bounced rubble again and obviously did it one more time.


I have no idea but this was a massive use of force on a few targets.....even if you're talking about an industrial park, 71 missiles is quite alot to get the job done , assuming I heard the briefer correctly.

Regardless the shop is open and the latest in weapons tech was on display.  The US used its JSSAM, the French it's Scalp and the UK its Storm Shadow.

Even if the whole thing was backboned by the tried and true Tomahawk Land Attack Missile, its still gave the new guys a chance to strut there stuff.

One thing is obvious to me though.

Ship borne firepower is supreme.  Aircraft are nice and fancy but a flight of Rafales, Typhoons and whatever US fighter you throw into the mix can't compare to the power of one Burke that decides to expend its magazine on a target(s).

Ships are the shit when it comes to striking hard, not tactical fighters!

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