Saturday, April 14, 2018

Blog Blurb....Mattis wrecked Bolton in the latest round of foreign policy intrigue!

Ok.  I'm turning into a bit of a Mattis fanboy.  Not sure if I'm reading this right but in the latest round of foreign policy intrigue it appears that Mattis wrecked Bolton! 

I don't mean just wrecked, I mean ripped out his eyeballs and skull fucked him!

Why do I say that?

Reports are pouring out that Bolton petitioned the President for a full scale strike, Russian targets included and that Mattis pushed for a more limited affair.

By all indications Mattis has won this round.

What does this mean going into the future?  I'm really not sure.  What I do know is that Bolton is dumping current National Security Council members in a way that can only be called a purge.  I have no view on that.  Really don't care.  They make recommendations and we're just getting a new skin of what we've gotten.  The Obama people are out, the neocons are back in.  Same game plan (slightly modified) just now they're a bit more belligerent.

The problem for Bolton.

He's up against the Marine Corps holy trinity.

Mattis, Dunford and Kelly.

The Marines have landed in the halls of power and seem quite comfortable.  What's shocking is how able they are at pushing their viewpoints/policy positions.

Outside of WW2 and perhaps the Civil War (haven't studied the political side of that conflict so I don't know) I don't know of a time when the US military in general and the Marines in particular have had more absolute power or influence.

If you disagree then hit me with something real, I'd love to know why you think I'm wrong.

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