Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Austrian Army Commandos @ Flintlock 2018 in Africa...

Specialists of the hunting commando recently took part in the exercise "Flintlock 2018" in Africa. They trained with soldiers from the Burkina Faso army to help stabilize their country.

First.  I subscribe to so many European Army pages that I sometimes get them jumbled.  Poor language skills don't help, so while its labeled Bundesheer, I'm guessing that this is the Austrian Army.  If I'm wrong let me know so I can correct this.

Second.  Wow.  Africa is the new playground for Special Ops Units of the world.  They're even running exercises in what I would consider an active warzone.  Just goes to show how big that place really is.  You can party in one country...get drunk...get laid...and then hop a plane and be in the middle of the shit in a couple of hours.  This truly has the vibe of being a modern day Vietnam.  Not the Middle East.  Too restrictive.  But Africa?  Yeah. It's wide open, you can get your hands on anything you want as long as you have the bucks and if you have dollars and/or euros then you're golden.  That's the playground of the future.

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