Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Frustration mounting. Must do better when discussing tough issues....

We're not trying to take over the world here (although just like the "Brain" it is a personal mission of mine), but we are trying to seize a part of the internet and talk about shit others shy from.

But frustration is mounting.

Seriously guys.

Ya got to break out of your camps, do me the small favor of taking a big picture view of things, stop drilling into the weeds, and STOP BEING so fucking miniscule and agenda focused on the controversial shit.

What I'm asking some of you to do (this isn't a wide raging critique, this is squarely aimed at a few) is to simply THINK!

Memes ain't gonna cut it for discussions on this page.

If all you can do is spout nonsense from the left and right then I'm gonna tune you out and then ban you if you can't or refuse to keep it between the lines.

What brought this on?

The latest discussion about the issues in Gaza.

I'm trying to take a big picture view and look at the thing from 90 miles up instead of diving into the weeds which tends to muddy the water for all (we're not there so we don't know the nuances of the situation...easy to bitch till you're the guy on the end of a Palestinian molotov cocktail or vise versa looking down the barrel of an Israeli Tavor) so we MUST be big picture about this stuff.

Now let me get actual and factual.

If you have racial angst or hatred then spare me.  Culturally I identify as an American of African ancestry.  Full fucking stop.  I haven't done an ancestry online.  Did do my stuff for God and country. 

This is again looking at the post when I compared the geopolitical situation that Israel is facing with that of S. Africa.

I don't give two shits about the fate of White S. Africans today.  I just don't.  Many don't seem to have given two shits about the fate of Black S. Africans when they were being ravaged during apartheid.  To that I say cool.  To each his own.

But don't fuck with a blog post that is not at all touching on that racial drama when I'm trying to go beyond that.

I'm not a word smith.

I don't present complex ideas.  I do as I've been trained.  I take the issue at hand, break it down donkey style and then attempt to overwhelm it.

Whether thats trying to figure out how to take a morning shit or looking at the situation facing Israel that's just how I roll.

So I simply ask this.

Stay on fucking topic.  Stay focused on the issues presented.  If you want to vent then do that on open posts but not on issues that I raise with readers to chew on.

End of counseling.

Now get out there and do better.  Next time I smash heads, kick ass and put you in the fetal position begging your mommy to make the bad man stop.

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