Monday, May 07, 2018

I knew the strike on Syria was huge, now here's proof...

H/T to Cmdr Salamander's Blog

Click on the pic to enlarge it!!!!

I knew that had to be a huge strike.  Do you notice how many airplanes they had flying pure support?  Do you notice how many shooters they had covering the strike force?

Then take a look at the actual strike force!  Two B-1's and nine allied strikers?

Just plain wow!

This is a dry run for an A2/AD network and its obvious!

You send missiles, not aircraft!

If we had to plus up the strikers to 30 (assuming we wanted to actually attack Russian anti-air sites) as a minimum then the number of support aircraft I BET would double!

Air power is just not effective or reasonable against modern defenses.  We would be better off developing long range missiles that can launched by B-52's just for the cost savings in gas much less saving wear and tear on other airframes.

Admiral Greenert was right.


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