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Tatra T815 Patriot also called the Medium Armoured Tactical Multi-Mission Vehicle (MATMMV)

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Excalibur Army, a subsidiary of the Czechoslovak Group, has developed the Tatra T815 Patriot – also known as the Medium Armoured Tactical Multi-Mission Vehicle (MATMMV) – with the first example currently undergoing company trials.

The T815 Patriot is developed using internal research and development funding and is based on the 4x4 Tatra Force chassis, which features adjustable ground clearance, a central backbone tube, independent swinging air suspended half axles designed to improve cross-country mobility and ride comfort.

Layout of the T815 Patriot is conventional with the powerpack at the front and the crew compartment to the immediate rear. The crew comprises the commander and driver, with provision for up to four dismounts.

The vehicle is powered by a Cummins ISB 6-cylinder diesel engine, developing 210 kW coupled to an Allison 3200SP automatic transmission with six forward and one reverse gears coupled to a Tatra two-speed transfer case. This provides a maximum road speed and range of up to 130 km/h and 500 km respectively.

It is also fitted with 14.00 x R20 run-flat tyres with a central tyre inflation system that enables the driver to adjust the tyre pressure on the move. Vertical obstacle capability is stated to be 500 mm with a trench crossing ability of 900 mm. Waters up to 1 m deep can be traversed without preparation.

The all-welded steel hull is of a patented bolt-on design that the company calls the “Kitted Hull Concept”. This is claimed to provide ballistic protection up to the NATO STANAG 4569 Level 3 standard while mine protection is to STANAG 4569 Level 2a/2b standard.

Armament typically comprises a roof-mounted remote weapon station (RWS) armed with a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun (MG) or an 40 mm automatic grenade launcher (AGL).
This little trend will bite forces worldwide in the behind.  Trust me on this one.

In essence we're seeing up armored UTILITY vehicles being relabeled as full on combat cars and the armor as well as the armament will just not cut it.

So why is everyone doing it?

Because it sings two songs that every DoD and service want to hear.

1.  It sings the song of dispersed forces.  Small units scattered around the battlefield, zipping along in light armor with the idea that the dispersion will be enough protection.

2.  It sings the song of costs.  This is perhaps the biggest factor.  Defense Depts and Ministries get to talk about how they're equipping their forces with armored vehicles, while using trucks for APC/IFV tasks.

This whole thing stinks but its the trend, everyone has bit and it will cost lives in the future.  We're doing the same WW1 thing.  They were huge on armored cars at first ... till the bullets started flying ... then their was a rush to get proper armor (primitive as it was) into the field.

How do I know I'm right?

Because we can see the fighting in Yemen, and the blow up in Ukraine and see how limited these vehicles really are.  M-ATVs are getting picked apart and so are similar type vehicles (like the one you see above).

In limited roles these are the bees knees.  In the expanded universe they're trying to push them into?  Death traps on wheels.

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