Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Pakistan to purchase Turk Attack Helicopters...

via Defense Aerospace.
 Ankara and Islamabad have signed a deal for the sale of 30 Turkish attack helicopters, according to an election manifesto the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party announced Thursday.

In a November 2017 interview with the Anadolu Agency, Pakistani Minister for Defense Production Rana Tanveer Hussain said his country planned to procure 30 attack helicopters and four naval ships from Turkey.

Hussain revealed that Pakistan was interested in the T129 ATAK helicopter, developed by the Turkish Aerospace Industries and the Italy-based AgustaWestland.

The gunship helicopter was added to the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces in 2014.

On March 23, T129 ATAK helicopters from Turkey participated in a fly-past ceremony in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad. 
This interests me for two reasons.  The first is that closer ties between Pakistan and Turkey is in my opinion a bit troubling.  The second is because I recall reading that Pakistan had been considering buying AH-1Zs.

This seems like a pretty drastic about face.

Additionally while it can be argued that the French Tigre or the Mangusta are capable helicopters, I have yet to hear anyone claim that they are a step above the AH-1Z Viper.

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