Monday, May 28, 2018

The turret for the Namer/Eitan IFV's are a must for the Marine Corps' winner of the ACV contest!

Thanks to Dragon for the pic!  

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the new turret slated for the Namer and Eitan IFVs.  I don't know the name of who produces it, and I don't know what they call it but this image showing the layout has me jazzed.

Why am I so excited about this thing?

Because it covers all the bases.  The thing has a unique and what I think is a clever setup for it's anti-tank missiles.  For once we're seeing a manufacturer place them under armor and not exposed to artillery fragments or small arms fire.

It has an APS built into it!  Lastly it has a (I believe) 40 mm cannon.  Along with all this comes the usual bells and whistles of good if not great optics and you have a winner.

We've seen the wishlist for Marine Aviation grow.  I won't quibble on it, but I do think the ground side needs to get it's fair share too.  We haven't had a mobile gun based on an APC since Vietnam with the LVTP-6.  Past time to get with the rest of the world and have a dedicated Amphibious IFV.

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