Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Republic Of China San Juen Short Range Coastal Gun & Rocket Defence System


I must have the devil sitting on my shoulder this morning.  All I can think is that I'd love to see China make a run at Taiwan so I could get a chance to get some visibility on how well their amphibious and parachute forces would perform in an offensive operation.

On a side note, the Taiwanese have the anime down cold.  That multiple rocket launcher looks like it's straight out an anime movie or manga comic.

It's understandable.

They're gonna need large volumes of fire and it's essential that they blunt the first wave so they need big magazines that can put out alot of fire in a hurry...before they're found, fixed and destroyed....so the anime look makes sense.

Mass fires don't even begin to describe it.

One other thing though.  Is it even possible for them to have weapon sites hidden?  My understanding is that the island has been completely penetrated and "Chinese patriots" are in every level of their govt.

They'll try hard to defend their land but they've already failed due to the traitors in their midst.

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