Friday, June 01, 2018

BMP equipped with 57mm Cannon (vid)

Thanks to Dragon for the link!

I'm not a fan of big guns on IFVs.  I really believe that 30mm is big enough to get the job done for the vast majority of the work found on the modern battlefield.

Additionally I don't like the creep toward becoming Main Battle Tanks when the focus should be on infantry transport and support.

Having said that....

I can't deny this is a sexy beast.

Watching that gun work is a sight to behold.  Maybe the Brits and French are onto something with their compromise solution of using caseless 40mm rounds?

Sidenote.  Do stowed rounds really matter when you have a caliber this large? We're so used to the idea of sending 3 to 5 rounds to getting the job done with 25 or 30mm cannons that with this beast one round will do.  Is the stowed kill argument really valid when discussing this?

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