Friday, June 01, 2018

Politics Talk. The Average American's view on tariffs....

On this one I want to hold the door open for my European, Canadian and Mexican readers.  Why?  Because I've heard from the leadership but I want to hear what the average person in your respective countries think about this thing.

My personal view?

Trump kept his campaign promise.  I also believe that free trade has nothing to do with FAIR trade and I believe that the entire world has been sucking off America's teet for far too long. Additionally I believe that the entire global framework is fraudulent at its core and is unsustainable no matter who won office here.

As far as the average American is concerned they'll fall into their respective camps witout even thinking about subject.  Trump haters will admit that the current system is unfair but will at the sametime attempt to defend it and say that we need to wok with allies to fix it.

Trump supporters will impulsively support it without considering the ramifications of such an action.  We will see price hikes in goods that are outside the targeted industries.  This could spark a wider trade war that could sink the world into a new recession.

I know what you're thinking.  What a fucking second Solomon!  You just made a case earlier in this little rambling rant that the system is flawed and seemed to indicate that you supported this thing!

Well thank you for asking.

I don't mind the tariffs, what I do mind is where they're aimed.  I want China on a stick over a fire and I want them cooking till they're burned.  The idea that Trump could save a Chinese cell phone company and then make this move seems batshit crazy to me.

But this isn't about me! 

I want to know what you guys think so fire away!

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