Wednesday, July 18, 2018

America better get ready for when Russia takes off the "espionage" kit gloves....

So the latest is that the FBI arrested some low level Russian chick for failing to register as an agent for a foreign country.


Low level crime and NOT part of the espionage code.  In other words she's not what they're categorizing her as...a spy.

But it does make clear that anyone that has ties to Russia is now a we can not be looking hard at the Chinese is beyond me but politics has its own particular flows I guess...

The point is this.

As much as they like to call the bullshit stuff that Russia did in the run up to the Presidential election an attack they ain't seen nothing yet.

IF the Russians determine that better ties are impossible.  IF the Russians decide that they will be treated as a category 1 enemy for the foreseeable future then boy and girls you better saddle up for a real rough ride.

Ask some of the old skool spy guys that sometimes frequent this officers but you get the point...

If things go off the rail and if those reasonable folks that know history don't step up and moderate this shit then you will literally start seeing people die some weird deaths.  I'm not talking about the Novacheck idiocy in the UK but real deal we don't know how they died killings in and around DC.

I won't even ponder the fate of personnel stationed in Russia.

My bigger point is that this is fun and games but could turn deadly serious in the blink of an eye unless cooler heads prevail and quickly.

Do I fear the Russians?

Nope.  Not at all. 

Do I respect them as potential foes?

You bet your ass.  In a conventional war we would win.  But this won't be conventional and we'll be fighting on ground that they're the master of.  It will be messy chaotic and depending on how it plays out it could escalate to levels that we're not ready for.

You heard it here first.

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