Thursday, July 19, 2018

Buried News. FBI Director: Chinese espionage "most significant" spy threat facing the US

via Free Beacon.
China, rather than Russia, is the “most significant” long-term threat to the United States, FBI Director Christopher Wray said Wednesday.

During an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt at the Aspen Ideas Forum, Wray said that the FBI has economic espionage investigations in all 50 states that trace back to Chinese activity.

“It covers everything from corn seeds in Iowa to wind turbines in Massachusetts and everything in between,” said Wray.
Find the link for yourself to read the whole thing.

My point?

The ground where I plant my flag?

This Russia thing is child's play.  The serious threat is being ignored.  We have a chance to do the work necessary to win the coming fight but instead are distracted by foolishness.

Historians will call us silly and foolish and they'll be right.  This is the real news from Wray's talk at the Aspen Ideas Forum but few will report it. 

Think about that.

The vaunted FBI Director has told the nation that we face a more serious spy threat from China than Russia and it's not page one news.

We're screwed.

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