Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Blast from the past. Mike Sparks blog links...

So ole' Mike Sparks and some of his revolutionary/controversial ideas have been the subject of some discussion on the blog.

I think that's awesome.

I read the guy back when he was actively posting and while it took me a minute to get past his hatred of the Marine Corps and to focus on his thoughts on particular subjects, it was worth the effort.

Dude was ahead of his time if a bit eccentric (but who am I to throw stones on that!).

Anyway check out his past writings....



Be warned.

Long form doesn't begin to describe it!  If you have slow internet it will kill your bandwidth!

Oh and one other thing.  Dude has tons of pics on his blog that are difficult to find these days.  Definitely worth a gigabyte or two of space on your hard drive if military tech is your thing.

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