Friday, July 13, 2018

NATO's spending problem and the US complaint in one graph...

graphy via AOL Breaking Defense...their article is of course favorable to our allies but this graph is damning!

Want to know why allied spending in NATO has been an ongoing problem for over 40 years?  Want to know why only liberals that hate or globalist that insist on being in any and EVERY ridiculous unfair treaty or organization despise Trump for pointing this out yet the majority of Americans are either in favor of his rants or are ambivalent?

Just look at the above graph.

Added together the other nations don't spend EVEN HALF of the bill that's racked up by NATO!

Yet its indispensable?  Necessary for US defense?

Sorry I just don't buy it.

NATO is a money pit with few returns.  We can achieve everything we need to do without NATO.

That's just a fact.

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