Thursday, August 23, 2018

China's new all terrain tracked vehicle...

via Janes.
A caption accompanying the photograph identified the vehicle, which is painted in PLAGF camouflage, as “an all-terrain crawler-type ammunition supply vehicle attached to a ship group of a coastal defence brigade with the army under the [People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA’s)] Eastern Theatre Command”.

Although it is unclear which Chinese company manufactures the new carrier, the vehicle to some extent resembles the JY813 all-terrain carrier manufactured by China’s Guizhou Jonyang Kinetics, but also appears to be based on the DT series of articulated tracked carriers produced by Russian company Vityaz.

Over the years China has also acquired an undisclosed number of BAE Systems Hägglunds’ Bv 206 all-terrain tracked carriers, with images emerging in 2010 showing some of these vehicles in use with the Chinese forestry service and the PLAGF. Chinese television coverage indicated that the Bv 206 entered service with the PLAGF after BAE Systems acquired Hägglunds in 2004.
Story here. 

If a western corporation sells China anything then they deserve to reap what they sow.

If its not obvious that they will reverse ANY and EVERYTHING that's sold to them by now then whoever plays there deserves every ounce of pain coming their way.

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