Sunday, August 12, 2018

I want your opinion. Why should the US step between the Canada vs. Saudi Arabia mess?

Have you been watching the little dust up between Saudi Arabia and Canada?  A quick rundown goes like this.  Saudi Arabia arrested some women's rights activists and Canada's diplomat (don't know who) made a tweet admonishing them over it.

Saudi Arabia went ape shit, withdrew student scholarships to Canada and made a couple of other punitive measures against them to show their displeasure.

Canada in the meanwhile has been chest thumping about supporting human rights while having their people contact their counterparts in the Kingdom to try and calm the situation.

In relation to this conversation they've "reached out to allies" for help on the issue.

I ask why?

Why should we be involved in a dust up between Saudi Arabia and Canada?  Is it in our national interests?  There is no article 5 violation just measures taken by Saudi Arabia that adversely affect some Canadian industries.

I believe it'll all blow over but some comments on the blog seem to indicate that this is AGAIN another issue where the US should lead.


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