Sunday, August 12, 2018

Is the era of "multi" turret (or at least weapon system) tanks returning?

Thanks to PitchBlackUniverse for the link!!!

We all remember the pre-war land battleship tank that sported multi-turrets.  Below are a few examples...

While the Russian, German and Italian versions are the most "known" the most successful was the US M3 Lee.

And while "success" is a relative term it appears that the boys over at Valhalla are trying to bring it back in a more practical design.  Imagine if you could retain the main gun shock of 120mm caliber weapon (bigger than many warships use today) and then supplement that firepower with a 30mm cannon...the equivalent of an IFV main gun, a common anti-aircraft/small boat weapon on warships and capable (according to some) of killing even a few of the modern MBTs roaming the field?

Well Valhalla has cracked the code.  Check out the pic below.

Did you look at the pic carefully?  That's a 30mm cannon behind the Commander's hatch.  From what I gather on the website it could even be a multiple weapon mount and ALSO support an anti-tank missile setup!

Above you see a clearer graphic of their proposal.

What do I like?  You can dispose of enemy soft vehicles without expending main gun rounds.  You can decimate enemy infantry with ease.  In short you've increased the firepower per tank dramatically!

The limiting factor?

Of course its cost.

Don't sleep on the boys over at Valhalla.  They're coming out with some VERY innovative products. Check them out here.

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