Friday, August 03, 2018

IAI did offer the IDF a converted tanker but the Air Force didn't evaluate it according to their CEO!

via Defense News.
It began in low voices behind closed doors but some days ago the battle for US military aid turned to open war.

The first skirmish is being fought over the Israeli Air Force’s (IAF) advanced aerial refueling aircraft meant to replace its aging converted Boeing 707s.

Until some months ago there were two options on the table: the Boeing KC-46A and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) converted Boeing 767s. IAI was confident that its offer would be evaluated seriously, especially in light of the delays to the KC-46. But this confidence was destroyed when IAI learned that the IAF is locked on buying the KC-46A.

IAI was shocked, but the they initially kept their reaction behind closed doors. This changed when I met with Joseph Weiss, president and CEO of IAI in his office. Weiss spelled out all his anger and frustration when i asked him if the company is in the competition for the new aerial refueling aircraft

“We are not. We have not been given a chance to compete in spite of the fact that we can supply the best cost-effective solution. It is very strange that the Israeli air force ignores our proposal. The Ministry of Defense has not even begun a dialogue with us on our proposal. That is wrong, very wrong. We only ask for a fair chance to compete”
Story here. 

OK, now I bang on some of you people.  In a blog post I expressed amazement that IAI didn't offer a converted tanker to the Israeli Air Force.  ALL I HEARD WERE ARMCHAIR GENERALS talking about how a converted tanker didn't meet redundancy standards, how it wasn't suitable for military service etc...


Now we hear that IAI did indeed offer a converted tanker and were only stopped by FMF sales rules or some such thing.

Can we say vindicated.

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