Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Kornet D - VDV

Thanks to Vodkar for the pic!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Is it time for the West to flatter Russia by deploying multiple shot anti-tank vehicles?

Just from eyeballing things it appears that we've standardized on one or two shot launchers.  Then its reload time...hopefully under armor but possibly not.

The only thing that would surpass the firepower found on the Kornet D (above) in the anti-armor role (in a light vehicle from the west) would be the US Army's Multi-Mission Launcher that has somehow faded from the news....

20 hellfire missiles on one vehicle???  Talk about the ability to absolutely DEVASTATE an armored column and to become priority number one for enemy fires!
We've talked about armor alot on these pages but maybe the thinking is right. Maybe the JLTV/FMTV/MTVR will rule the battlefield for US ground forces in the future.  Just spit-balling but hear me out... Firepower has trumped (at least for the time being) armor.  Maybe we're living in an age where mobility and firepower are the keys to survival. 


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