Saturday, August 18, 2018

Messerschmitt Me 262 HG III Prototype Fighter...

The Nazis were some fanatical, evil bastards that deserve their spot in hell. But they sure came up with some awesome looking designs.  Additionally I think you can simply eyeball some of their tech and it looks like they were pretty far ahead of the allies.

The emphasis on destroying them first (and waiting to deal with the Japanese) was wise beyond words.

If they had just a couple more years...If Hitler had played on the "fake peace" with Russia for a bit longer instead of rushing to invade...If the Battle Of Britain turned out to be a victory for the Nazis...If they had two or three more years of war then we could have been faced with the distinct possibility of WW2 turning into the world's first nuclear war.

Additionally considering the airplane and armored vehicle designs they were coming up with, we might have been facing a stalemate on the European continent AND major US/Russian cities nuked.

But back on task.

Do you see that airplane above?  Its the follow on to the Me 262 and to my layman's eye it has rudimentary stealth features.  It was gonna be fast too.  Mach .96!  Probably would have broken the speed of sound in a dive (ie. diving on bomber formations to destroy bombers and break up the formations, disrupt the fighter escort). 

Alternate history has gone goofy.  Nazis on the moon or Antarctic.  I would love to read a book from a historian that outlines a credible "what if" on the biggest war in human history.

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