Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Rheinmetall is on the march in Australia...Non turreted Boxer and Lynx arrive to take the continent!

Thanks to Ogden for the link!

A few of these Defense Corporations have their PR depts wired tight.  General Dynamics was once on their game in a big way but have fallen off.  Lockheed Martin had the wind behind their backs until they couldn't execute with the F-35.  Now?  Now Rheinmetall seems to have the swagger that others have lost.

They're capitalizing on their win in Australia and pushing hard to take it all.

Smart move too.

They could be doing business down there without real competition for 20 maybe 30 years if upgrades are done and the tech doesn't change drastically. Someone just out of college could be doing engineer work on the Boxer for their entire career...

Back on task.

Don't think Rheinmetall isn't taking over Australia?  Remember this.  They just won the big contract for military trucks too!

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