Thursday, August 30, 2018

SAIC can't execute on the AAV-SU Project because its fired all its subject matter experts (read that to mean Former/Retired Marines)...

This story about SAIC's failure to execute the AAV-SU Program is getting a bit clearer.  Names won't be named but I got a little tidbit earlier this morning.  Check it out....
SNAFU, the reports on the AAV-SU are genuinely correct. Their has been a 90 Day stop work. Which is not surprising this new (force protection) management has dicked everything up. All AAV SMEs have quit the project or left the company, most took a pay cut and were replaced by SUB CONTRACTORS AS LEADS. This being said they all left. These vehicles are being built by subpar integrators. SAIC has built and delivered 1 vehicle in the time it took a team of AAV techs to deliver 10. The whole ON TIME ON BUDGET concept is wrong. This new AAV-SU project has been swamped by Management with PMPs and all the credentials you could ask for, but it has regressed since the SMEs have left. This is why SAIC cannot hang with the big boys, incompetency and a good ole boy network will kill a project in heart beat. These clowns that are in charge couldn’t build two vehicles alike “hence” FORCE PROTECTION.
I found this whole thing interesting.

Replacing former and retired Marines that know the vehicle and care about their brother/sisters that will be riding it into battle with subcontractors playing lead?

I find that disgusting.  Additionally it doesn't fit with the culture that SAIC so proudly boasts to the world.

In the end they cut pennies and wasted tons of dollars in what was apparently a fools errand to save money.

Do major corporations do after action reports on failed projects? If they do then I would recommend SAIC do a quick self check.  Take a momentary beat to gain their bearing and then do the hard thing.

Fire the people working on this project now, hire back the solid team that led them to the win on this program, and make good on their promise of corporate responsibility.

The Marine Corps deserves nothing less.

But what if they won't?

They toss the contract to General Dynamics or BAE.  It might be small potatoes to them but I'd bet they'll get the job done.  As things stand SAIC is not impressing me.

Side note.  I stand ready to be challenged on this blog post.  If anyone wants to tell me why I'm wrong and the information provided is false then hit me up in my mailbox.

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