Friday, August 31, 2018

SAIC supporter picks up the challenge....

We've had some pretty powerful debates on whether or not SAIC can execute when it comes to armored vehicles.

The ACV project is history.

I thought SAIC had a great vehicle but still believe that they failed to execute on getting it to the Marine Corps in a timely manner while their competition was all over it.

But let's ignore that.

The stop order on the AAV-SU was the final straw for me when it came to SAIC and their hopes of joining the armored manufacturing big boys.

I made my statement, and issued a challenge...If someone disagrees then hit me in my inbox.

The challenge was accepted and an SAIC "supporter" stepped up to the plate.

Awesome right?

Not quite.

He wants me to reword the document so that its in my voice instead of his.

Sounds simple?

Not quite.

I've tried several times to reword the damn e-mail but everytime it loses the punch necessary to convey his opinions.

Dude sent me an e-mail asking if I had a change of plans (I told him I would post it today).  The answer is BIG TIME!  If I had his permission to post it as is then easy peasy.  Since I don't then it rather difficult.

I'll continue to try.

Meanwhile why doesn't SAIC simply step up to the plate and explain why the USMC issued a stop order on the AAV-SU?

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