Saturday, September 01, 2018

The Ranger Tab. If anyone can do it, is it still worth it?


This is not a rage against women.  If you believe that then you are not worthy to participate in this discussion.


What makes something special is that its difficult to obtain.  If every person can obtain a particular item then its value is diminished.

Now let's talk about the Ranger Tab.

The only school that even got my attention from the Army was Ranger School. It's arrogant, service centric etc...but every other course I FELT was more challenging in the Marines (heck even a few of the hardcore Navy schools are to be included in that list and I'm not talking about BUD/S!).

But something has happened.

Word on the street is that Ranger School standards have been watered down. Quite honestly the word is that non-exceptional 50 year old men that work out on a regular basis would be capable of meeting the new standard.

In my opinion, if true that's a shame.

If Ranger School has devolved to a point where you don't have to be a physical monster, warrior athlete and mentally tough then why even offer it.

Another rumor is that Army bubbas aren't knocking down the door to go anymore.  I've heard that one for years now.  At first it was blamed on people earning Combat Infantry Badges. That might still apply, but if the standards are weak then why would anyone want it?

The US Military needs to wrap its head around the fact that equality is fine. But equality of outcome (yeah I can't believe I'm  tossing around that talking point) is not.


My suggestion?  Set a rigorous standard.  Don't water them down FOR ANYONE based on race, sex, sexual preference, religion, national origin etc...develop a hardcore attitude across the force and strive to ENSURE that fairness without lowering of standards is achieved.  Some people just aren't physically strong and mentally tough.  That's just life.  They will find their way to fields where they can best serve.  But to shoehorn them into places where they will fail when faced with the ultimate test will only weaken the entire team.

NOTE:  This is not a post bashing the SSgt.  This is an overview of Ranger School and the rumors I've heard coming out of Big Army.

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