Saturday, September 01, 2018

China just increased its naval power...

via Naval News
Sea trials of China's second aircraft carrier have been conducted safely and smoothly and achieved the anticipated goals, China's Ministry of National Defense said on Aug 30.
Wu Qian, spokesperson for the ministry, said at a regular press conference that the aircraft carrier left a dock at Dalian Shipyard in northeast China's Liaoning Province in recent days for the sea trials to test its equipment platform and facilities.
Wu said the operation was a normal arrangement in the construction plan of the carrier and its construction is being carried forward steadily in accordance with the plan.

Keep sleeping on the China threat and focusing on Russia. This is a huge case of internal politics holding more sway than strategic reality.

What do I mean, at least in the context of naval power?  The Russians are building a DEFENSIVE naval force.  China is building an OFFENSIVE JUGGERNAUT designed to not only challenge the US but to overwhelm their smaller neighbors.

Considering that then YOU TELL ME which one is of greater concern!

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