Friday, September 07, 2018

Defence Technology Review has everyone buzzing about the Aussie amphibious vehicle me it'll be the BvS10 Viking...

DTR has coverage of the Aussie soon to be RFI for an amphibious vehicle and has covered the contenders in their September article.  Luckily he puts it out to any and everyone and you can check it out here.

The article covers almost every worthy contender from the ACV, Terrex 2, Patria AMV 28...the new APVT (swims backwards!) and even the PMPV from Finland and the K808 from S. Korea.

Trust me on this one though.

It'll most likely be the BvS10 that wins the competition.


Because they're looking at a logistics vehicle for the most part (I think) with an amphibious protected vehicle and an amphibious mortar carrier as after thoughts (I think).

Which vehicle has certified logistics characteristics?  Which vehicle is already in widespread use in that role?  Which vehicle can be had for relatively little money?

Yep.  It's exciting to think of the possibilities but the BvS10 is the ride that will take the day.

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