Thursday, September 13, 2018

French Army talks about the Jaguar on Instagram...

The French Army put out the above pic on Instagram.  While I've come to expect the various military forces around the world to apply tongue in cheek messaging and an appeal to 15 year olds in their messaging we can still get a few nuggets of useful information.  Check out the caption they applied...
I AM ... An armored reconnaissance and combat machine 6x6 of 25 tons. Intended to gradually replace AMX 10 RC, VAB HOT and ERC 90 from 2020.
I am a very versatile machine, I can integrate as well in a fight in urban area en or in mountainous environment⛰.
I used Google Translate to do the work deciphering this thing but the takeaways are kinda amazing.

This is gonna replace the AMX10RC, VAB HOT and ERC90?  That's a serious neckdown they're doing!  Additionally despite its size it's only 25 tons?  I find that amazing!

I hope to God some Soldier or Marine gets an up close look at this beast to give us first hand impressions.

While it looks right I'm marveling at all the roles its suppose to fill...oh and make no mistake.  They're talking about using this vehicle in close combat.  Urban and mountains?  That's insane.  What is the secret sauce to make this thing survivable in those environments?

We need to know more.  Hopefully we get that info sooner rather than later.

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