Thursday, September 13, 2018

One of 1st Female Marine Grunts Faces Separation After Marrying Lance Corporal

Thanks to everyone for the news...

One of the first women to become an infantry Marine is facing an other-than-honorable discharge after having a relationship with a subordinate in her new unit.

Cpl. Remedios Cruz, a rifleman with 1st Battalion, 8th Marines, pleaded guilty to fraternization as part of a pre-trial agreement after leaders discovered she'd married a lance corporal with whom she had a romantic relationship, officials confirmed.

A decision about whether Cruz, who was busted down in rank from sergeant, will be separated from the Marine Corps could come in days, said Maj. Jordan Cochran, a spokesman for II Marine Expeditionary Force. Cruz's case was first reported Wednesday by The New York Times.

Cruz was accused of adultery, larceny and fraternization, he said.
Ok.  I guess due to public demand we have no choice but to chew on this, so here goes.

I'm against women in the infantry.  My reasons are my own and to many of you might seem outdated but that is my belief and I'll keep it till I day.

Having said that....

I'm amazed that the Marine Corps has set these women up for failure on so many levels.  They're parachuting these chicks into infantry units, giving them squads and expecting them to swim.

How fucked up is that.

They didn't rise thru the ranks in the infantry yet they show up one day and they're leading Marines that have more time in the field then they do in the MOS?  From a pure leadership perspective it's not good.  Don't hit me with the issue of brand new LTs.  That's a totally different kettle of fish and most know it (another reason why the Infantry Officer Course is such a kick in the nutts...and now ovaries I guess).

But moving on.

The worst part is that leadership and especially policy makers are in fantasy land with regard to human nature and most importantly in this circumstance human sexuality.

This is gonna happen over and over.

They better face it head on and deal with that reality.

Either they modify the rules or they get ready to see tons of young people end their Marine Corps career because the instinct to ... dare I say it... more powerful especially when its sitting in front of you than proper zipper control.

Is this a basic viewpoint?


Is it maybe overly simplistic?  Many will say that and its something I've had sent my way in the past.

Is it true?

This female Marine is living proof.  The sad thing?  She's probably a great individual but lost it all because of (at worst) simple hormones or (at best) young love.

Reality is a bitch but they need to fix this or watch our Expeditionary Infantry Squad concept die in the crib.

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