Thursday, September 06, 2018

Hey BAE! Give me a 6x6 version of the ACV!!!

I talked about what we need in the LAV-Next.  I got called out by many readers for my initial pick the VBTP-MR.  The reason?  It's not military standard.  It's built to commercial standards and while it might look like a "baby" ACV its not.

Additionally they stated, and were right, the reality of the situation.  I think the LAV-Next should be a scout version of the ACV.  A 6x6 version.

Well guess what sports fans?  It's doable!  Check out the Patria AMV 6x6 below.

The point?

We can do this right and do it smart.  A 6x6 version should allow us to "neck" down our armored force.  Common parts and maintenance.  Training across platforms for the vehicle crew and mechanics.  Two vehicles that can swim from ship to shore, have outstanding mobility and great protection for the crew.

Plus it gives us a platform that we can stuff with all kinds of electronics/masts and still keep our scouts and even let us get a UAV operator in the back.

Win - win.

We just need to be bold enough to execute NOW!  While we have the funding.  Getting BAE to turn to on the project will be simplicity itself.

The right decision but acted upon too late is still wrong!  We must strike now!

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