Sunday, October 28, 2018

002 CV is about to depart the port and start the 3rd sea trials on 28 Oct...

pics via Dafeng Cao's Twitter Page...

Wow.  The US Navy is facing a huge challenge.  Correction.  The US Navy is facing a huge challenge in enforcing US foreign policy in the Pacific.

Yeah we have two aircraft carriers assigned with one forward deployed.  But that's against the backdrop of engaging the entire Chinese air arm backed by long range missile armed fast boats and subs.  It also includes dedicated naval aircraft and a whole series of dedicated sats to that region.

Overall we have a bigger Navy but they have MORE assets in the region.  Add the flawed and wishful thinking strategy of "partnerships" with nations in the region that view each more with more suspicion than they do the Chinese coupled with an inevitable budget crunch no matter WHO CONTROLS the White House or Congress and things are looking bad.

Want to hear even worse news?

In a few short years the Chinese will have more carriers, built on the US style/size.

Okinawa?  Within easy striking distance of the Chinese.  Guam?  Farther far that it will be practically useless.

By 2025 we will be out of the 2nd island chain.  A "flexible" defense strategy will be adopted and the forward basing concept will be abandoned.  S. Korea will be fully occupied with reunification with the North.  Taiwan will actually be voting to join the Chinese.  Singapore will fully embrace neutrality and you will see Chinese ships making ports of call alongside American ships.

I hope I'm wrong on this.  What do you guys think?

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