Friday, October 12, 2018

A few more things about that slain journalist...

Have you been keeping up with the news of the journalist killed in the Saudi consulate?

This whole thing has me scratching my head and wondering why so called investigative reporters aren't asking basic questions.

*  The US and Turkey are in the middle of 'rough' relations at the moment.  Why would they present this evidence to us...and the rest of the world.

*  The Turks apparently have completely penetrated the Saudi diplomatic communications network.  Why is this event so important that they would jeopardize that?

*  What are the Turks trying to accomplish with this news?  Has Saudi Arabia suddenly popped up in Turkey's weapon sights?

*  What does this spell for the region?

This was a bungled operation.  The Saudis should have farmed this out to the Israelis or Blackwater. 

One last thing to end this jumbled blog post.

Journalist talk shit about leaders all the time (well except in China) without being targeted for killing.  What did this guy do to warrant this in the eyes of the Saudis?  Supposedly he knew that he was wanted so why would he stroll so happily into the consulate?  Putting a bow on this thing...if the Turks had their communications so thoroughly penetrated why didn't they warn the journalist of the Saudi plans and intercept him before he got inside?

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