Sunday, October 14, 2018

Australian Air Force sets up a Forward Area Refueling Point for Australian Army M1's...

Testing refueling tanks military transport aircraft during the exercise, the Australian army Predators Run flowing on the ground Cultana; the September 2018 year

During the testing of this exercise, the M1 Abrams tank from the squadron in the 1st armored regiment of the 1st brigade of the Australian army by plane C-130J Hercules from the 37th squadron of the Australian air force

Not slamming the Aussies but this has got to be another of those batshit crazy things military forces around the world practice that will NEVER be done in actual combat.

I bet an artillery commander would have an orgasim if he could get this FARP targeted for an artillery barrage.

One last thing.  Is it me or do those tanks look to be heavily rusted?

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