Saturday, October 06, 2018

China plans to resurrect The World’s Largest Plane by restarting Antonov AN-225 ‘Mriya’ production

The headline is from Defense Aviation's Twitter Page.  Unverified but it does make you wonder doesn't it.

We've been so focused on "penetrating" other peoples anti-access/area denial zones that we've forgotten that maybe just maybe someone might be planning on penetrating our own.

We've been focused on the tactical/strategic part of the fight with China on this blog.  Not much attention has been paid to the logistics part of the equation.

That was wrong and short sighted.

The Chinese are building a very efficient transport force.  If this is true then they'll have a Super Heavy Lifter to go along with their expanding fleet of Y-20's...

And even the AG600 Seaplane.

What does this mean?

I haven't counted heads but the Chinese are known to have (to my knowledge) two airborne divisions and what the US Army would call a couple more air assault divisions (maybe they've transitioned to their brigade scheme by now).

Combine those combat units with their Marine Forces (to include their "Army" Marines) along with amphibious transport (did you know they're working on their own version of the almost America class ship) mixed with this enhanced airlift and I begin to question our ability to respond in time to an ally in need if they launch a max effort operation.

Additionally if they're able to setup and maintain a safe air corridor for these transports then we're talking about the ability to sustain motorized/mechanized forces at distance.

We haven't focused on the logistics angle and it was a mistake.  China is covering all the bases.

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