Sunday, October 07, 2018

CMI Defence Cockerill 3105 MPF (SAIC's chance for redemption!)

Thanks to Dragoon for the vid!

The gun by itself is nice.

The gun, turret and the SAIC/Singapore Kinetics Next Generation Combat Vehicle looks awesome.

This is SAIC's chance at redemption.  I hope they give max effort...we'll see what they present and at what price point.  Sad fact for current and future defense projects?  It's all about price. You can build the Empire's Death Star but if the price isn't right it won't be bought...not with the Pentagon's current budget.

SAIC and Singapore Kinetics need to factor that into the equation.  If I were SAIC I would consider a "loss leader" price for this vehicle.  I'm sure they'll do studies to determine the value of winning the competition and how that will translate into sales to other forces around the world.  They also need to think about what winning will do for their chances to finally break into the armored vehicle market.

Building these vehicles at cost for both companies might be a winning proposition...maybe not profitable financially but in other possibly more important ways.

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