Monday, October 22, 2018

China's hyper engineering project...five-stack highway interchange in Guiyang, SW China.

We knew everything we needed to know about China's engineering prowess when we saw artificial islands being built.  If you need more convincing then check out the above.

Add this to your deck of Chinese capabilities that will be tailored toward fighting the upcoming war with the US.

China's buying the AN-225 and you think it has no real military transport aspects to it?  You're crazy.  If you can build shit like this then extending an airport so that its long enough will not be a problem...even if you have to build a super long strip in the middle of the sea!

If you want to visualize the next war then you're gonna have to do two things. First is to toss out the idea of a lightning war.  It will be protracted and it will be ugly.  The second is to factor in China's engineering prowess.  They're doing things we used to dream about.

For better or worse they're a worthy foe.

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