Monday, October 22, 2018

If Trump can hold the line and help MbS survive then the US wins big!

It's obvious that Trump and by extension the foreign policy establishment of the US, is solidly behind MbS.

Cool.  I can live with that.

What I find interesting is that this sets us up to win big if Trump can stay the course, not waiver and withstand the fire that is going to come his way courtesy of the mainstream media, Turkey, Iran, and the camp followers in other countries and Quislings in our own.

What do I mean?

If MbS survives then the petro dollar will live for the foreseeable future.  I hate the strings that come with that "privilege" but its something that is desired by many, we have it and if its just to keep it away from others we should try to maintain things.

Weapons contracts are about to be even bigger business if MbS survives.  Saudi Arabia will be obligated to us...especially MbS.  Germany, Canada and a few other liberal democracies have suspended weapon sales.  We can and should pick up the slack.  Even more we should tailor that spending toward weapon systems we need a break on the price for.  CH-53K?  Let the Saudis buy 200 just to stick in the desert and serve as a parts farm for the USMC while simultaneously drive down the price.  Do the same with some other systems and its a huge win.

Finally our buffer against Iran will be maintained, Israel (they still piss me off) will still have an Arab ally (increasingly important cause something weird is going on with Egypt lately) that's more "malleable" to our suggestions.

What is the price we should demand?

That craziness against Yemen should come to an end.  It's badly bleeding Saudi Arabia and starting to cost us.  That can't be allowed.  We have bigger fish to fry.  We say get out Sauds and they start moving.  Gearing up for Iran. That should be their focus.  They can't do covert to save their lives so they plan for overt action against Iran.  We run as many ops out of their country as we want but they lay low.

Last but not least they push down the price of oil.  Why Bush Jr (the freaking idiot) decided to put oil on the open market instead of contract for it is beyond me but it would be delicious if we had a separate oil deal for the US while the rest of the world suffered from high prices but it is what it is.  Maybe we have a fleet of tankers that go black while sailing to the US?

Regardless we should stick with this guy and get him thru this minor storm. The idea that a country will lose its leadership because of the death of a journalist is so batshit crazy that I can't believe they've gotten this far.

The enemies of Trump, MbS and the US have played their hand to the max and fully exposed themselves.  That's a good thing.  Now we have targets and can hit what we see.

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