Tuesday, October 09, 2018

General Dynamics Stryker/UAV demonstrator...

General Dynamics Land Systems and @aerovironmentinc have joined forces to integrate Unmanned Aircraft and Tactical Missile Systems with armored combat vehicles. This partnership will deliver a decisive advantage to ground combatants, to see first and strike first, across the tactical landscape.

I always thought that UAVs should be controlled by Battalion, Regiment or Division levels.  That doesn't seem to be the future.  I imagine networking has allowed the Unit Commander to get a pic of the battlefield from info fed to him from all his forces instantaneously now.

If this works as advertised AND if they can prevent the enemy from jamming/disrupting our communications then I'm finally locking onto how this could all be a gamechanger.

That's a huge if though.  We're gonna need to work on protecting those networks as hard or harder than we are to develop them in the first place to make all these concepts reality....

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