Monday, October 15, 2018

Lack of a $2,000 part caused the loss of a $150 Million Dollar F-22 because it couldn't fly out???

Check out this tweet...

I'm sorry but I can't let this go.  Is this hindsight 20/20?  Don't think so.  We've seen hurricanes ravage air bases in Florida before.  So spare me that drama.

What they're trying to sell us is that a part...let's say that part costs 2K dollars...NO!...let's be generous and say that part costs 100K prevented the F-22's to be flown out before the storm.

So a 100K part caused us to lose a 150 Million Dollar airplane?

Sorry but that's stupid!  That's batshit crazy!

Additionally we're looking at a low density HIGH demand weapon system that we will rely on if the nation goes to war against a peer.

I can accept enemy action.  I can accept pilot error.  I can even accept mishaps caused by faulty maintenance that led to a crash.

But the idea that they were waiting on a part and that caused us to have a valuable portion of our air fleet damaged/destroyed in a storm is unforgivable.

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