Monday, October 15, 2018

Pentagon Talk. Why did Trump sour on Mattis?

Ever since news broke that Trump has soured on Mattis I've been trying to trace the shatter point of their relationship.

Oh you think it recent news?

Naw not at all.

From my seat the relationship soured awhile ago and the first hints of it came not too soon after the election and has been getting worse ever since with it culminating with the 60 Minutes interview.

My theory is that the real issue isn't that Mattis is "sorta a Democrat".  I think the real issue is that Trump wanted out of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and Mattis pushed hard (successfully) to stay in.

Funny enough I think that has a bit to do with why our Ambassador to the UN is leaving.  Few people know it but those two are pure establishment.  Haley was obscene with her neo-con leanings but Mattis was a bit more clever, but the results were the same.

Trump wanted out of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and Mattis could only promise more of the same.

Weirdly enough the breaking point wasn't this issue in my opinion but the pushback Trump has received on building a Space Force.  Trump wants it, Mattis doesn't and Trump is smart enough to know that they're slow walking the effort.

The sad reality?

Mattis had the right ideas (for the most part...with the exception of continuing the Afghanistan fight) but misplayed his hand with Trump.

Note:  I know Mattis is damn near a deity for many of you.  Spare me the drama.  Just calling it like I see it.

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