Thursday, October 18, 2018

Moral Curiosity...Pot is legal in Canada...

via Vox.
The Toronto Police Service has a message for Canadians: Please stop narcing on your neighbors about marijuana.

With the official start of marijuana legalization in Canada on Wednesday, and retail stores opening across the country (although not in Ontario until April), the Toronto police force started a public awareness campaign to inform people that they should no longer snitch on their neighbors about marijuana use.

Some of that public awareness campaign took the form of a few snarky tweets, invoking truly absurd 911 calls (from people asking for directions to asking what to do with frozen meat during a power outage) alongside calls about marijuana as examples of what not to do. The tweets urged people to no longer call the police about “an adult smoking a joint,” “your neighbour’s pot plants,” or “[s]melling weed coming from your neighbour’s home.”

“Cannabis is no longer illegal on October 17, 2018,” the tweets declared.
Story here. 

I really don't care if pot is legal or illegal.  I guess I'm a libertarian on that particular drug.  Now when it comes to synthetic pot, crack, meth and the other stuff I say hell no.  The reason?  From what I've observed pot does cause user to turn into the incredible Hulk, baby Superman and Demon Spawn while you're using it.

Regulating pot like its alcohol makes a bit of sense especially with its widespread use.

But that's not the moral curiosity here.

What has me spinning is that legalizing pot is what law makers in Canada and in some US states have decided to tackle.

Budgets, drug abuse, homeless people, high taxes, illegal immigrants, poor schools, troops involved in an endless war, terrorism, cyber attacks, limited energy resources, unaffordable homes...the list goes on but they get pushed to the side while they tackle the burning issue of legalizing pot?

What's even crazier is the reaction of citizens.

All I've been seeing are the hippie types just sitting out smoking in front of parliament and happy happy joy joy all around.

Do you not see how batshit crazy this is?

Govt isn't tackling the tough issues, but they give citizens legalized pot and that makes it all ok?

We get the govt we deserve.  So do the Canadians.

I'm glad they have legalized pot.  They're gonna need to get high when they finally realize how hard they've been played.

It's like giving the peasants a narcotic while everything burns down around them.

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