Thursday, October 18, 2018

Stryker Integrated with Unmanned Aircraft, Tactical Missile Systems

Ok seeing the concept played out has me thinking I might have been wrong.  IF and that's a BIG IF they can actually make it work then I can see why you would want UAVs with the maneuver element and not at Regiment.

General Dynamics has a winner if they can actually deliver this.  What I'd like to see is the USMC save a few precious dollars and piggyback off the Army's efforts.

One thing I do wonder about though.

Would a dedicated ACV UAV carrier make sense?  Would a hybrid force like the Amphibious Assault Battalion combining ACVs, LAVs, JLTVs with anti-tank missiles and perhaps EO/IR masts make more sense with a dedicated UAV command and control variant on one of those vehicles (or a couple) give us more flexibility?

This is a great capability (again, if they can make it work) but it must be properly resourced.  Additionally it should be properly implemented.  Just putting them on any rig won't get us where I think we should go.

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