Sunday, October 07, 2018

Tap out or lights out...Conor wasn't even close...

Dudes!  That's the official fight card!  Conor only won one round and I'll have to question even that!

Freaking wrestlers man.  You fight those bubbas and you spend 3/4th's your time trying to stay off the mat. 

But the worst thing for Conor was the humiliation, especially after his camp talked so much shit!  He was forced to tap out or it was lights out.  That Russian put that hold in DEEP.  I don't think Hercules could have escaped.

One point that needs to be considered.  Conor is naturally too big to be fighting at this weight class.  Call it muscle it whatever but Conor really should be fighting at a bit higher weight.  155 is just too small for him now and the cut has to be taking a serious toll.  I don't know how these guys do it.  Basically starve and dehydrate down for morning weigh-ins and then plus back up 25 pounds for the fight?  Brutal stuff.  Conor has had a great career.  He made an awesome payday.  Time for him to go find a quiet spot in the world and far as Khabib is concerned...the Russian is looking to somehow get Nevada to give him his check after his crew got busted for starting that brawl after the fight.

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