Saturday, October 13, 2018

Turk Intel Service was aware of the plot against the journalist!

Thanks to Tom Meyer's Twitter Page for the link!!!

I told you guys this whole thing with the journalist seemed to be filled with holes and now we have this tweet.  Check it out below...

Is this real?

I'm not sure but it rings true to me.  The sequence of events is just too perfect.  This guy walks into the consulate.  Before he's even known to be missing by friends and associates the Turks put out audio and video evidence of his torture and murder.  Then they release a pastor that has been at the center of bad relations with the US.

A guy died because nation states decided to play games (I say games because if the Turks had him monitored then we probably did too...and the Israelis, Germans, French, and the rest of the world's intel services that have an interest in the region).

There is only one question left in my mind.

What did the Saudis hope to gain by killing this guy?  What are the Turks hoping to achieve by exposing this fact to the world?  Should the US even respond to this atrocity?

I just don't know.

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