Saturday, November 10, 2018

Blast from the past. Gates lists French cyber spies as the second most deadly to the US just behind China....

via Politico (May, 2014).
Washington made clear this week that China is America’s biggest cyber nemesis, at least in terms of the theft of U.S. intellectual property. So who’s next?

Not Russia, nor North Korea, according to former Defense Secretary Robert Gates. It’s France — one of America’s closest allies.

“There are probably a dozen or 15 countries that steal our technology in this way,” Gates said in an interview the Council on Foreign Relations posted online Thursday. “In terms of the most capable, next to the Chinese, are the French — and they’ve been doing it a long time.”
Story here. 

Interesting isn't it?

Memory is short these days.  Sensationalism rules.

That's why everyone is so focused on the Snowden revelations instead of hearing the backpage news that is pushed far away to preserve diplomatic relations.

News like this.

Additionally it tends to highlight so called Russian attempts to meddle in US elections.

Sorry sports fans but it was little league stuff.

Want to know what body slams look like?  It's stuff like this.  What I find amazing is that no one even questions obvious copies from our European competitors.

That is almost an exact copy of the X-47!  I never raged about it but let's be honest with a little self reflection.

I gave the French a pass but would have been screaming to the moon when the Chinese do it!

Espionage.  It's what everyone does.

We either protect our house or expect any and everyone to roll thru it!

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