Saturday, November 10, 2018

Republic of Singapore conducting amphibious landing exercises in Australia...(Exercise Trident)...

via Strait Times.
Lieutenant-Colonel (LTC) Kenny Chen, 45, who heads the task group, said the RSN is playing a supporting role to the army as well as the air force in the conventional ship-to-shore operation.

For Exercise Trident, the RSN is deploying Endurance-class landing ship tank RSS Resolution and 10 fast crafts, which can be used to move vehicles and troops to shore.

On the value of the Shoalwater Bay Training Area, LTC Chen said: "While we do most of our ship-to-shore training in our local waters in Singapore, it's not ideal as we don't have a big beachfront.

"But here, it's a huge sea space and beachfront, and we can really do what we need to." 

This was an accidental discovery.  Didn't know a thing about this exercise and my Australian readers haven't said a word about it either.

One thing is clear.  For such a small force, the Singapore military gets around!

I'll try and get details of the units involved sometime today...

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